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Geo Marketing

Getting to know customers, gathering data on their journey, improving CRM, bringing the customer to the centre of the company business – but how?

Geo Marketing helps you understand your data by relating them to the territory so you can make the best use of your business information, allowing you to develop aware and effective strategies.


Extensive knowledge of the relevant market, detailed business analysis centred on the area, constant monitoring of the activities undertaken and the results obtained: these are the foundations of Geo Marketing, an essential process for getting to know, managing and expanding a business. Geo Marketing studies the behaviour of consumers and companies in relation to their territory, which becomes a key starting point from which to implement targeted strategic and operational choices.

It is no longer who you are, but where you are.

No longer what you need, but what you need in relation to where you live.

No longer what your competitors are doing, but how your competitors act within their context.


For us, Geo Marketing is an essential component of a good communications strategy: it allows us to take on a market analysis which starts off with people in relation to their environment, ending up with detailed knowledge of their behaviour, their interests and their desires.

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