Point Of Sales

The point of sale from all points of view


From the concept supplied by the client or identified by our team to the actual store fitting out, everything is monitored and supplemented by the essential tools for making a POS the fulcrum of complex, surprising and effective multi-channel campaigns.


Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing is an extraordinary tool to meet any and all goals by targeting potential clients in the vicinity of the company which wishes to reach out to them.


This is the right moment to become curious, investigate and identify all the clues to finding out who your customers really are. What they buy. Their comments. How they move, from the supermarket to social media, in other words. It is the ideal tool for getting to know them, and then winning them over. Don’t you think?

Point of Purchase

Structure your sales process so that each phase answers a question or solves a problem the customer has.

 [Brian Tracy]



The tools in the point of purchase bear great responsibility, if you think about it. They are very close, sometimes just inches, from the customer. Be like us: do not underestimate this detail.


Fitting Out

After creating them, nobody knows better than us how to position POP tools in the store itself. Because it requires real direction, and obsessive attention to detail (see above!).

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