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Data normalisation

A normalised database is the starting point for driving and optimising your activities. Without errors or redundancy.
It is undoubtedly the best method for good CRM.

Are data forever? Our experience says they are not. The value of data is limited in terms of time and to a given target, but in the long term they could lose their effectiveness, becoming useless or even misleading for the purposes of a strategy. Once acquired, data must be monitored, verified, checked and updated.

Normalising data allows us to perform this check: the process eliminates redundancy and prevents consistency anomalies. This procedure incorporates various stages, each of which returns the data to their “normal” form. However, normalised data is not the result of a verification process, but rather an integral part of the very process of constructing the data.


Only at the end of this entire process can we say we have high-quality data on which to build the best strategies.

  • Identification and regional codes
  • Address normalisation
  • Postal formatting
  • Upper/lower-case formats
  • Postal code normalisation
  •  Deduplication
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