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Increasing sales and awareness requires work which is as widespread and fluid as water.
Work that can flow everywhere and get into every last nook and cranny, helping every element to develop green shoots. Act locally for global success.
This is the golden rule which applies now more than ever in the Internet age.

Marketing activities have a strong impact at the local level and on well-defined geographical areas. The potential of these activities, however, goes beyond the offline reality. The widespread diffusion of mobile devices means that marketing now enjoys great opportunities from the online world as well.

While users are used to searching for all kinds of information on the Internet, the same is true when they need information about points of sales and stores.

The goal of Local Marketing is precisely this, integrating the offline world with the online one. Using specific activities and tools, online prospects and customers are drawn in and brought to the physical point of sale. Specific Local Marketing tools allow targeted communications to be sent to the customer in order to provide them with the information they need: location information, services on offer, contact details, opening times. These are all details which, when accurate and well organised, help generate customer loyalty and contribute to their decision-making process.

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