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Direct Marketing

It is a tool which encompasses very many, all effective and capable of being perfectly calibrated to reach their goals.

While in comparison to classical advertising it has often been looked down on, we know how much business it can actually generate for us and our clients!


Direct Marketing

The identification of a given market segment and analysis of the relevant target are key prerequisites for building the right marketing strategy. But identifying the customer, bringing them out into the open and encouraging them to perform an action requires making contact. Direct Marketing is responsible for precisely this: establishing dialogue with the brand, and being sure you are talking to the customer.


Direct Marketing is not just a collection of techniques which communicate directly with the customer, but a real way to generate genuinely interested contacts. In Direct Marketing, user data is acquired and organised in a database, creating a valuable collection of contacts. Much more than a marketing activity and information medium, Direct Marketing creates a relationship between the brand and its customers, helping them communicate, get to know each other and fulfil their desires. No tricks or voodoo here: what lies behind it is serious and extensive analysis, rigorous definition of the goals and genuine passion.

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