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Data Quality

Poor-quality data can be expensive. In terms of time, money and opportunities. This waste can be prevented via preventive actions essential to ensure quality, one datum at a time.


To be genuinely reliable, data must be high quality, meaning true, real, up-to-date and consistent with the relevant context. Accurate data which does not correspond to the relevant context is of no use.

For this reason, building a database and keeping it up to date is very important. Starting off with a relevant database to build up a collection of corporate processes – from the decision-making to the operational – minimising the risk of making errors.

Data Quality

Each data point must be accurate, current, verified, consistent and complete: this way you can be sure that you have a truthful database. But this is not enough: data must also be accessible, comprehensible and traceable, to allow those working on it – creatives, programmers, developers, art directors – to use it for many purposes and strategies.

  • Current
  • Verified
  • Consistent
  • Complete
  • Accessible
  • Comprehensible
  •  Traceable
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