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Calling it a specialisation would almost be reductive: these are Studium’s roots, the hub from which all our other areas have grown out and developed.
Our CRM & Direct Marketing division puts strategic and analysis tools into play in order to directly hit the targets of the campaigns and other activities carried out.


Target Analysis

A scientific approach, and then with data in hand, we are off. Towards all the best activities for achieving and revelling in an almost pre-ordained success.
This is what analysing the target is for. To make any marketing strategy a winning one.

Data Analysis

“... from the calculations you make in accordance with current statistics, one chicken per year you should take: and, if your budget doesn’t allow you, nevertheless statistics allows it because someone other will eat two.”



Data Quality

Poor-quality data can be expensive. In terms of time, money and opportunities. This waste can be prevented via preventive actions essential to ensure quality, one datum at a time.


Data normalisation

A normalised database is the starting point for driving and optimising your activities. Without errors or redundancy.
It is undoubtedly the best method for good CRM.

CRM Marketing

"CRM is the alignment of strategy, processes and technology to manage customers, and all customer-facing departments and partners"

 [Philip Kotler]


Direct Marketing

It is a tool which encompasses very many, all effective and capable of being perfectly calibrated to reach their goals.
While in comparison to classical advertising it has often been looked down on, we know how much business it can actually generate for us and our clients!


Geo Marketing

Getting to know customers, gathering data on their journey, improving CRM, bringing the customer to the centre of the company business – but how?
Geo Marketing helps you understand your data by relating them to the territory so you can make the best use of your business information, allowing you to develop aware and effective strategies.


Local Marketing Platform

Increasing sales and awareness requires work which is as widespread and fluid as water.
Work that can flow everywhere and get into every last nook and cranny, helping every element to develop green shoots. Act locally for global success. This is the golden rule which applies now more than ever in the Internet age.

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