Unforgettable Event


The cocktail of technologies we offer is more popular than a gin and tonic!
We can offer you a sip, or several rounds depending on the type and actual needs.
Before, during and after your event.
Lighting design, drones, dedicated apps, real-time data transmission...


Technology on the rocks

Celebrating a corporate anniversary, an occasion or a major milestone are important moments for any company. Everybody, both employees and shareholders, are involved in a party for them. These are emotional and exciting moments, in which to remember corporate values and lay down the foundations for future projects. How can all this not be memorable?

When preparing an event, we leave nothing to chance: everything is planned and programmed down to the smallest details, with the exception of the creative aspect, which requires us to give even more. How so? With continuous experimentation, new and cutting-edge technologies, and ever-more spectacular staging: lights, fitting out, dedicated apps, augmented reality, magical entertainment ... All technology is important in creating the environment of your dreams, things and emotions you have never experienced before. At the end of the day, a perfectly executed event is the best thing a company can do to show itself off.

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