Tailored Communication

Above The Line

The dream of every creative, artist, copywriter or graphic designer is not important. Print and posters have documented the history of advertising. But for us, the best is yet to come!


Above the Line

What would our world be without advertising? Modern life is steeped in print and TV advertising campaigns. There are adverts which have made history, marked epochs, created new trends and at times caused a sensation.

TV, radio, print, billboard, cinema: each and every traditional media channel has played a key role in all of this, broadcasting and amplifying the messages and innovations, until they reach everywhere – streets and houses, right up to the heads and hearts of the consumers themselves.


Traditional advertising is both the starting and finishing line of a complex strategy. With just a few, or even a bare minimum of words, via an image or a few frames, advertising conveys much more than a perfect and detailed description. Logic and rationality take a back seat: everything becomes pure emotion.
The brand talks to the consumer, and gets right to their heart.

Over the course of our 25 years we have seen the world of advertising change, evolve and diversify. But it has never lost its magic.

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