Interactive Point of Sales

Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing is an extraordinary tool to meet any and all goals by targeting potential clients in the vicinity of the company which wishes to reach out to them.


Integrating the online and offline worlds: this is the main goal of Proximity Marketing. A user’s experience with a brand must no longer be split into online and offline, but rather taken to be a single, immersive experience.


Proximity Marketing is a marketing strategy which aims to locate individual users in order to provide input, information and specific targeted content to mobile devices.

The main technologies available are Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC and Beacon, which allow the user’s mobile device to be identified and targeted messages sent to it. Once the user has been identified, they can be sent notifications, text, images, video and precise location-based information.

This is completely personalised and targeted one-to-one communication which allows you to satisfy each and every customer requirement, building loyalty and giving them a memorable customer experience.

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