Interactive Point of Sales

Point Of Purchase

The tools in the point of purchase bear great responsibility, if you think about it. They are very close, sometimes just inches, from the customer. Be like us: do not underestimate this detail.


Point of Purchase

  • Creating or restyling a brand.
  • Defining an advertising, creative and marketing strategy.
  • Planning an online marketing strategy.
  • Implementing an advertising campaign.

All these actions give your brand two lives: the first, when the brand is born, and the second, every time it enters the head or the heart of those who have chosen it.


But in an ever-more connected reality, closeness, physical presence, the “here and now” are more important than ever: it is the point of purchase, the zenith of all the strategic work, the culminating moment where the brand becomes matter, colour, volume, a dream, just a step away from those who discovered it, sought it out and desired it.


The Essence

The fitting out of a point of purchase is a key moment for us, the essence of our entire communications strategy. Banners, accessories, materials, furnishings and display components, totems and visual merchandising are just some of the elements which go to make up the complex and enthralling world of the POP.

  • Banners
  • Accessories
  • Materials
  • Furnishings
  • Display components
  • Totems
  •  Visual Merchandising
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