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We are all social, but we are not all Social Media Marketing managers, and unfortunately it shows. Our task? To generate visibility, but above all to create and maintain a suitable reputation through user/consumer dialogue.
 Naturally, through optimisation of all activities and ensuring their synergy on all available platforms. Simple, right?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn: these days, who doesn’t use them on a daily basis?
Social Media Marketing consists of managing social networks for specific business goals.

Users have an ever-increasing presence on social media, so much so that this channel has become one of the main ways for a company to make contact and communicate with its target audience. The social networks represent a great opportunity for companies, but require a specific strategy.

To be effective, a Social Media Marketing strategy must be 100% customised: to the company, to the target audience and their habits and requirements, and to the business goals which have been set.
The key prerequisite for any good strategy is identifying the right social network. It may not be necessary to have a presence on all of them, but it is essential to pay sufficient attention to those social networks which the target audience spends time on.
A Social Media Marketing strategy can draw the attention of the right user target group by sharing relevant, high-quality content and setting up a direct, long-lasting relationship.

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