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Marketing Automation

More than a tool, it is the lynchpin of all online activities. The web is a tangle of roads which lead to all possible destinations. When Marketing Automation is working at its best, it becomes a navigator which can choose the shortest and least expensive routes to meeting new customers by monitoring all marketing activities.

Guaranteeing a constant presence and targeted communications for prospects and clients: these are the peculiarities of Marketing Automation campaigns. Whatever a brand’s strategy may be, or the goal it sets for a campaign, Marketing Automation allows the automation of a series of specific marketing activities, using various communications channels.

Marketing Automation involves the management of a workflow of specific and customised actions arising from the behaviour of the individual customers. Each different strategy, based on the individual brand or campaign, is able to incorporate both online and offline communication methods, thus allowing integrated communication which can respond to the different types of users and their varied requirements.

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