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Direct Email Marketing, or more simply DEM, is a genuinely effective tool. As long as it reaches the right recipient. This is where the famous mailing lists come in. As well as content. And the talent of our marketing managers.
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Keeping customers informed about the arrival of a new product, promoting a service, sending event invitations, offering discounts. Many opportunities, with a single goal: involving, surprising and building loyalty among customers. Direct Email Marketing is a very powerful tool which is able to capture the attention of a large number of users interested in your product or service.

DEM sends marketing and promotional information to specific mailing lists, which have been created from the information supplied by the users themselves, who have given their express consent to the use of this data. An efficient, precise and perfectly calibrated communications system, where the message – whether promotional or informational – reaches a genuinely interested recipient.

But to be truly effective, DEM must have a fundamental characteristic: it must be original, amazing, compelling and memorable.

So, you make the decision to expand your business; we’ll take care of the rest.

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