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Our bread and butter, online every day. All the wealth of our decades of offline experience has made the leap online, bolstered by the energy of new professionals who have been weaned on these new technologies.


We all know that the present and future of advertising is online. Every day, new communications channels, strategies and visions connect us with an ever-greater number of people through computers, smartphones, tablets, games consoles and other digital tools. High-quality content, on-page and off-page SEO, content curation, SEM and social media marketing activities are just some aspects of an advertising sector which is constantly changing and evolving.

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But being online alone is not enough: to communicate via the new media we need effective, long-reaching strategies, appropriate and reasoned use of Digital Marketing tools, and in-depth knowledge of the new frontiers of the web. But above all, our many years of offline experience is required; this allows us today to draw on the lessons of the past to make valuable contributions to the new frontiers of digital advertising.

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