Multichannel Customer Experience

Mystery Shopping

There is nothing better than an infiltrator ... To find out the actual quality of a product/service or the staff responsible for supplying it!
A professional, incognito, playing the role of the most demanding customer imaginable.
Us acting for you.

Defining a marketing strategy, identifying the most suitable actions and tools for communicating with the brand, informing, involving and amazing your customers, and offering customer service which reflects the quality and value of your brand. These are all necessary procedures to build a solid, long-lasting relationship between your brand and those who have chosen it. At this point, the product or service is finally ready to come out into the open and onto the market. Job done? Not at all. It is still necessary to check that this preparation is “sold” in the best way possible so as not to waste work, commitment and investments.

We will take care of it, working incognito by putting ourselves in your customers’ shoes, going out into the market and checking the quality of your sales processes.
This way we can best understand how the end customer perceives your brand.

We are mystery shoppers, mystery guests, mystery clients, mystery callers – whatever you want to call us!

We are professionals in disguise,
called on to check that your brand is in good hands.

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