Multichannel Customer Experience

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The quickest way to answer customer questions and queries and solve their problems?
Count on web chat.
Note that this is also useful for measuring satisfaction in the service offered.

Customer feedback, comments and opinions are the source of the most important data to a company. Listening to the voice of your customers is a sign you care for them, but above all signals your interest in how satisfied they are and continuously improving your activities.

Customer satisfaction surveys are a way for companies to make direct contact with individual customers and find out details about their experiences with their brand. Customer satisfaction surveys are used in an enormous range of sectors, for many different activities: online or bricks-and-mortar purchases, requests for information, advice. Finding out the point of view of different customers can offer useful insights in any situation which can help contribute to improving your business strategy. Both for the online and offline worlds, CSS is a tool which allows you to create a direct relationship with your customers, showing your interest in and attention to developing a long-lasting relationship.

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