Multichannel Customer Experience

Customer Experience Management

Before it became a trend, then an essential phase, we already considered the customer experience to be a revelation which was key to our activities. Trailblazers? No, just born listeners!

The challenge that a company is faced with to be competitive and successful is adopting a customer-centric approach. This means focusing your business on your customers, and aiming to establish a personalised, long-lasting relationship with each of them.

Customer Experience Management (CEM) consists of all those activities performed to manage and perfect users’ experience with the brand.

Starting out with a CRM database, the data are supplemented with all information obtained from each communications channel and touchpoints, at each interaction between the customer and the brand. This way, by profiling customers as precisely as possible, a company can provide the right support, information and content, the correct presence to everyone through the most appropriate customer care channel.

Each communication channel used to communicate with individual customers, whether it be phone, email, chat or social media, represents an important source of data and an additional possibility for the brand to make direct contact with them. This makes it possible to offer a positive, complete and personalised customer experience

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