Multichannel Customer Experience

Chat Support

The quickest way to answer customer questions and queries and solve their problems?
Count on web chat.
Note that this is also useful for measuring satisfaction in the service offered.

A company’s greatest asset is its customers. Adopting a customer-centric approach means putting customers and clients at the centre of your business, listening to their needs and requirements, and being able to respond to them in real time.
This kind of approach is essential in the customer care field: every time a customer needs help, the company can show it is present and proactive, offering support and appropriate solutions.

An online chat service is one of the most effective real-time customer care tools, as it allows you to provide them with immediate support.

Incorporating a tool of this type allows you to offer a first-rate customer care service. Indeed, through web chat it is possible to satisfy the simplest or most frequent requests; you can also take on more complex requests and transfer them to other, more direct, communications channels (e.g. phone).
Through the use of online chat it is possible to quickly provide customers with live information using a clear, intuitive interface. It is also possible to define a custom content pool for your activities, in other words a series of standardised phrases and actions to meet the most common or simple requirements. This allows the requests of different users to be filtered and managed according to their level of complexity, thus optimising the customer care activities and offering customers quick, accurate support.

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