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Whether CAWI or CATI, our interviews leave nothing to chance.
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Customer satisfaction questionnaires are tools which allow companies to make direct contact with their customers and obtain high-quality information on their audience. These surveys are known as CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview) and CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview).


Computer Assisted Web Interviewing

The CAWI method administers the survey via web, and as such one of the necessary requirements is to have the email addresses of all recipients. This type of survey is able to cover wide user bases in a short period of time.


Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing

CATI, on the other hand, requires direct, personal contact with each individual user. The questionnaire is, indeed, administered by humans over the telephone. This method allows much more detailed information to be obtained, but at the same time takes longer to obtain it.

The choice between the two survey types depends on many different factors: type of audience, company area of activity, survey goal.

Remember that, for this type of marketing activity it is always necessary to obtain prior express consent from the users as required by Italian and European data protection legislation.

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